Spurs and Straps

  • Spurs Arrow

    Spurs Arrow

    By Colorado SaddleryInlaid Arrow Spur a classic. High gloss black steel with and inlaidand engraved arrow along the band. It is unique and beautiful.Stainless steel rowels and the jingle bobs with a wonderful"bell...

  • Spurs Basic Jingle Bobs

    Spurs Basic Jingle Bobs

    Black SteelAn affordable jingle bob spur. 1/2" black steel band with chrome16 point rowel and black jingle bobs. Fits most Men sold as a pair.

  • Spurs Chisolm Trail

    Spurs Chisolm Trail

    Colorado Saddlery SpursThe Chisolm Trail spurs have a fixed button,antique brown steel with an 1 1/2" shaped band. 2 1/2" shank,1 1/4" twelve point rowel with jingle bobs. German silver overlay with the...

  • Spurs Gambler

    Spurs Gambler

    Black and SilverAttractive black steel spurs with 1 1/4" band and hand engraved German silver trim. 2 1/4" shank with chap guard. 10 point rowelwith jingle bobs. Fits most Men sold as a pair.

  • Spurs Guns and Stars

    Spurs Guns and Stars

    Black SteelBlack steel spurs with 10 point rowel and chap guard features two pistols and a copper star. Engraved silver accents swing buttons. Fits most mensold as a pair.

  • Spurs Steerhead

    Spurs Steerhead

    Black SteelBlack steel spurs with scalloped band and hand engraved Germansilver trim and gold tone steer head. 2" shank with chap guard and16 point rowel and jingle bobs. Fits most men sold as a pair.

  • Spurs Texas Jingle Bobs

    Spurs Texas Jingle Bobs

    Hand engraved German silver overlay on a 1" black steel bandwith silver overlay swing buttons. 2" shank with engraved overlay on chap guard. 10 point rowels with jingle bobs. Fits most Mensboots sold as a pair...

  • Straps Floral

    Straps Floral

    Dark OilShaped Leather spur straps hand carved floral. Form fitting design a great basic strap. Fits most men sold as a pair.

  • Straps Floral 78-3590-2

    Straps Floral 78-3590-2

    Black TooledShaped Leather Spur Straps hand carved floral in form fitting design.

  • Straps Guns

    Straps Guns

    Medium OilPremium Leather Spur straps with pistol hardware. Nice tool strap withbrown antique buckles and concho. Lined fits most Men sold as a pair.

  • Straps Longhorn

    Straps Longhorn

    Dark OilLonghorn Spur Straps fitted leather with basket stamp design andsilver dot border. Longhorn concho and buckle. Fits most men soldas a pair.

  • Straps with Silver Star

    Straps with Silver Star

    Premium Leather Spur Straps with basket weave design. Silverdot accents and silver star concho.

  • Straps with Spots

    Straps with Spots

    LeatherShaped leather straps with spots. Fits most men soldas a pair.